The Krayporation



A while ago, Marc and I were having a dreaded “financial meeting” where we try to find some semblance of a budget, see how we’re doing, and how we’re saving (or not), what changes we need to make, etc.  We don’t do this nearly as often as it would be helpful, mostly because it leads to arguments “differences of opinion.”

During one particular meeting we started joking that we need to run these like a structured business meeting with agendas, old/new business, and ideas to be tabled.  Then we got to talking about how to run a family (big or small) like a corporation.  I mean running a family is a complex managerial structure with so many different skills needed.

Another “difference of opinion” gained speed when we decided on job titles for our corporation.  I, naturally, was jockeying for the CEO position and wanted him to be COO.  I could make the decisions (the trash needs to be taken out) and he was in charge of executing those orders (taking out said trash).  Not sure why that proposal was immediately vetoed…

So, like any good corporation, we immediately restructured our organizational chart and came up with our own titles.  Let’s use the term chart loosely, since there is just two of us, at least until we start getting more employees or investors.

Introducing our new corporate job titles…

Sarah, our CBPO – Chief Big Picture Officer:  This position is designed to manage the overall state of the corporation.  She has lots of ideas, makes sure we save for retirement and future expenses, plans menus.  On Sundays, she has the foresight to see what Friday will look smell like if the laundry doesn’t get done.   One of her most important jobs that ABSOLUTELY nobody else in the corporation can do is cleaning up dog barf.

Marcus, our CNGO – Chief Nitty Gritty Officer:  This position is designed for managing a lot of the operating details.  He runs the Accounts Payable department, making sure the bills are paid and the lights stay on.  He is also in charge of grounds-keeping crew, the marketing department, and runs the Social events calendar.  He also takes the trash out.