The 3 Little Hipsters Bring You Inspiring Blogs To Check Out This Weekend

This week my favorite 3 Little Hipsters are bringing inspiration from some favorite blogs.  I think what I like most about these lovely blogging ladies is the way their voices shine through their words.  They each have an authenticity in their writing that is easy to connect to, and they seem like people you could easily sit down with and have a cup of coffee and chat.

image[2]So Many Places – Kim decided a few years ago that she wasn’t living her life the way she wanted.  She wasn’t doing the work that was true to her self, so instead of just talking about it like most of us do – she actually did something.  She and her husband saved money and worked hard toward quitting their secure jobs to travel, write, and live their lives differently.  Her blog has been a huge inspiration for me, and she is one of the few people in blogland I have iPhone 616actually met in person (I did feel a little bit like a weirdo-stalker, but she was really gracious).  This post was a one that helped me propel myself off the couch and onto the computer to start my own blog.

imageThe Frugal Girl – This may be the blog I have followed for the longest time.  Kristen’s life is very different than mine.  I am a Childless Working Woman and she is a Homechooling Christian Mom, but her voice and her message are so clear, those differences don’t matter.  I appreciate her thoughtful approach to life and her message that you can be content with whatever you have right now.  She has some great thoughts about food waste, and unabashedly shares pictures of whatever food she’s wasted each week (she’s brave!).

image[1]Rowdy Kittens –I found this blog when I started getting interested in tiny houses, and Tammy sucked me in with her writing style and photography.   She writes about living simple in her tiny house, happiness, and downsizing, and has published a few books on those topics as well.  I’m currently participating in Tammy’s Everyday Magic course about photography.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Anybody have blogs they are particularly fond of or bring them inspiration?